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Apple working on Augmented Reality Wearable Glasses

Apple logo on a glass buildingAccording to a report, Apple might be working on a device which is supposed to be a mix between a wearable pair of glasses and an augmented reality display. The exact date when they will finish or launch this new device is unknown for now. The company is still testing the waters of the smart glasses market.

Apple is gathering a team

For months, rumors have been swirling around saying that Apple might be gathering a team of augmented reality enthusiasts. People with special talent for this branch who will help them make a new device, destined for consumers. One of the people who made everyone hope was the CEO himself, Tim Cook. He reportedly said that the augmented reality technology is actually more interesting and might be more successful than the virtual reality one. Also, that the company is going to invest a lot more into this field, in the years to come.


Still, by the looks of it, Apple is continuously hiring talented people for both the augmented reality and virtual reality fields. So they might go bold and make them both happen at some point. Who knows?

Getting the field ready

Over the last three years, Apple has been talking with some potential supplier for their eye-displays. Supposedly, Apple wants to test them before going into mass manufacturing. Also, they have acquired some startups which are specializing in augmented reality technology. There are rumors that this new device might be able to connect to an iPhone, making the user see on the eye-display what is happening on the iPhone’s display. This new device which Apple is supposedly preparing will show images, videos and other information while using augmented reality.

The disaster that was Google Glasses

But, as any new thing, the augmented reality technology has its flaws. Let’s just remember how Google Glass flopped. They discontinued their production and even closed the Google Glass social media account. So it is clear that they gave up on trying to make them popular. Back in 2012, when Google released them, people were very enthusiastic. Soon after that, people started complaining about its appearance and most importantly, they accused Google of video recording without permission. Reportedly, the glasses were recording videos without the user’s consent. This left people with a bitter taste in what regarded augmented reality technology. It also proved that it was too early and the system might have needed further polishing before going on sale.

The company behind Snapchat released their own pair of video-camera glasses but surprisingly, they did not receive any complaints about unpermitted video recording. Which makes one think that what Google did was not completely unintentional.

All in all, it seems like Apple want to go big in the years to come. They started playing with concepts and ideas, wishing to expand their horizons. Which is a very good thing, especially after the latest iPhone did not receive as much praise as expected. If thing keep going this way, they may soon want to look elsewhere. And augmented and virtual reality sounds good. Very good.

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