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Instagram Stories introduces Links, Mentions and Boomerangs

If until now people were saying that Instagram ripped-off Snapchat with their Stories feature, now it seems like the Stories are beginning to make their own name. Today, Instagram introduced three new features which users will be able to add into their stories. Maybe the reason for this is the backlash generated by users who thought Instagram pretty much copied what Snapchat was doing. Since it was revealed, Instagram Stories hasn’t gotten any update. Now, it gets a huge one. But what are those new features all about? Keep reading.


Now, you can tag the person you are with, in a story. How? You will only need to tap the writing tool when you are in Stories and write “@” plus their username. This will bring up a list of contacts and you can then add them to your snap. You will be able to tag a person regardless if they are in a snap or not. They will be notified of the tag through a direct message. If someone taps on that person’s name, they will be able to see a little preview of their profile and even access it.


This is nice for when you want to discover new and interesting accounts which you want to follow. And not only people can be tagged. It also works with brands or places. So you can find where that person was or what is she wearing.


It seems like Instagram has incorporated their separate Boomerang app into their main app. Now you can make boomerangs from Instagram Stories and you are not required to have the actual app on your phone. You only need to tap the option and it will create 5-seconds loos made out of photos. They will play endlessly and amuse your friends. Also, it comes with the Zoomerang which lets you zoom in or out while making a boomerang.

What is unusual is that Instagram will let you make Boomerangs only in Stories. If you want to post such a collage on your normal profile, you will be required the actual Boomerang app.


Links is one of the newly introduced options which will only be available to verified users. Hence, mostly celebrities or brands. How it works? A user can now attach a navigable hyperlink to their story. You will be able to notice if the respective story has a link when you will see the “See more” option on the bottom. Then you will only need to tap it or swipe up, and the app will take you to that page. Ad because you cannot actually see the link unless you tap on “See more”, Instagram will be able to block inappropriate links.

This is an interesting addition because until now links could only be added in a profile’s description. And even more interesting is that this feature will only work in Stories. So if you want to add a link to a picture posted on your profile, you will not be able to. At least yet. A product manager for Instagram said that their purpose was to make people feel like they can access other pages without leaving the Instagram app. It is all about a swifter experience. He did not say though if this feature will become available to all users.

All these features went live today and you can now start experimenting with them.

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