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Facebook to implement LinkedIn-like Job opening Features

On Monday, Facebook made the announcement that they are testing some new features which will be soon introduced to the social media platform. It is about the possibility to let page administrators create job posts and receive applications. And it will all be done on the same website which lets you post pictures of cats and talk with friends. Also, applicants will be able to contact the page administrator in order to talk about the respective job offer. Long story short: LinkedIn, beware!

A necessary feature

According to a Facebook spokesman, they have noticed that more and more people are posting on their pages details about open positions and job opportunities. So, according to him, the company is now testing the possibility to post a job offer and to receive applications from candidates, directly on Facebook.

This move might also help big companies redirect traffic on their Facebook pages. Until now firms only used them for marketing their products. Also, they will be able to pay Facebook to make their announcement stand out from the crowd.

Only tests, for now

The website TechCrunch was the one who first noticed a change. They reportedly spotted a “Jobs” tab on their Facebook page. A member of the company later revealed that indeed, what they saw was right, but it is only a test for now.

If Facebook successfully implements this new feature, other “Job” tab developers like Work4, Workable and Jobscore might feel threatened. But most of all, it would take away everything from LinkedIn. Ok, maybe it would not completely kill the job platform, but considering the amount of users Facebook has, it will undoubtedly do some damage.

How will it work?

This new option will allow pages to create a “Jobs” tag complete with title, salary or options like full-time or part-time. Reportedly, this tag will look different from any other thing on the social platform. So it will be easier to spot when you are looking for a job. These posts will appear in the News Feed and also in this “Jobs” tab on the respective page.

Applicants will also be able to “Apply Now”. This button will bring up a job application form already completed with the user’s information, from his public Facebook profile. So things will get easier and easier. Companies will receive the job application via a Facebook Message. Again, promoting their Messaging App to the fullest.

Facebook ‘s popularity might kill LinkedIn

The fact the almost everyone has a Facebook profile might mean less people on LinkedIn. According to reports, LinkedIn has 467 million members. This is a lot less than the 1.79 billion users on Facebook. And apart from that, people only visit LinkedIn when they need a job or when, if you are a company, you are hiring. People visit Facebook all the time because it also deals with other entertainment areas. So, by combining the two, Facebook might be the lucky winner of the contest.  And let’s not forget that last month, Facebook also launched Marketplace. A place where users can either buy or sell different items in their local area.

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