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The popular and quirky App called Vine is now Dead and Gone

We all remember that weird but fun app, which let you post six-second funny videos, named Vine. It seems like it is gone forever. Was it suicide? Was it murder? We are not sure. But what we are sure of, is that it will be missed.

Last Thursday, Vine’s mother company, Twitter, made the announcement that videos uploaded onto the platform will still be there. But people will not be able to upload any more of them on Vine. Bearing in mind that Twitter was the one which shut it down, the verdict may be murder.


Vine and the quirkiness we all loved

A little bit over three years since it was released, it seems like Vine has met its end. But during its relatively short life, Vine has become something close to a phenomenon. The key was the six-seconds rule. This inspired waves of creativity. Musicians, comedians and normal people figured new ways of entertainment which needed to last exactly six seconds. And they did. And the results were extraordinary.

Vine had somewhat of a niche status, but this did not stop it from becoming extremely popular. About 200 million people were watching vines and having fun. Also, the app became a corner for the people who had different ideas about different topics than the masses. Groups who were different and who had their own idea of fun. Also, analysts observed that Vine was dominated by people of color and by Mexican people, who felt like they belonged there.

Twitter could not manage it

But it is Twitter’s fault that they did not seem to know how to get money out of Vine. All right, Vine was never a strong tool for advertisers, like Snapchat for example. So if a company wanted to make an advertisement, they had to reach certain creators to do so. And in an era when Facebook and Instagram are doing this every day and getting money out of it, Vine seemed even less interesting.

In 2015, Vine was present in top 50 apps of the world. Now, it is struggling somewhere around 200th place. So the problems it is facing are real and palpable. And Twitter’s decision seems more and more normal.

Users miss it

Loyal users are mourning its fun and different content. They will maybe turn to other similar apps, but Vine will never be replaced. The thing with Vine is that it was edgy and cool. Had it stopped being edgy and appealed to the masses, it would have become something else entirely. So they did not do that. This reminds us of a quote from Game of Thrones, which, made to fit Vine would go “Vine fought bravely. Vine fought valiantly. And Vine died”. And this is exactly what happened.

Teenagers are saying that Vine was a fun and different platform which made people smile every day. And the best part of it was that it did not require very much concentration. In comparison with Facebook or even Instagram. All in all, this is the end of another great app which died too soon because it refused to conform. Let’s hope that this will be one of the last cases like this, and that people will realize that not everything must be about money.

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