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Apple ’s reveal of MacBook Pro is mediocre. Here’s why

Apple MacBook Pro computer on a wooden table, opened, in silverDuring Thursday’s press conference, Apple revealed their new 15-inch MacBook Pro. This marked their first computer launch in years. These new MacBooks are pricey, yes. But this is nothing new. Plus, they come with a familiar feature which most of the users hated: the removal of the USB and camera SD slots. Just like they got rid of the old floppy disks and CD drives. They are doing it again. The new computer is smaller and thinner than ever before. But this does not make it necessarily better.

Away with the slots!

Apple removed the slots, but they introduced something new. The new Thunderbolt USB-C slot promises to both charge and run devices. But there is a problem. If you have older devices, they will probably not fit in the new slots curtesy of Apple. So what do you have to do? Wait and buy super expensive adaptors in order to use the devices you already have. So if you did not have a use for your money… here you go! Or, if you are feeling rich, you can replace your devices with newer ones. Seriously now. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just keep the slots right where they were? We agree that we need evolution, but one to make our lives easier, not more difficult!


High prices

And before you start worrying, there is still a headphone jack in there somewhere. Not gone. Yet, at least. The new computers will start at $1 499 but can go as high as $2 799. So if you want a good machine, you will need to pay extra money. Nothing new, right?

The Touchpad

A new thing Apple introduced with their new MacBook is the Touchpad. This is a strip which replaces the function keys. Like the volume ones, or the screen brightness, for example. But you can use the Touchpad for many things. You can add fun little things to your emails (an emoji for example), or you can edit videos. It is fun and exciting but not absolutely necessary.

New does not mean better

Sometimes, we get the feeling that Apple is introducing thing for the sake of introducing them. To have something new there for fear that another company might get in front of them. But sometimes, being number two is not a bad thing. We don’t know if that is the case for Apple, but this slot removal screams desperation. More advanced technology is not necessarily better, especially when you take away a thing who people are still using.

Of course, in the case of the floppy disk, nobody was using disks anymore at that time. So to get rid of them was necessary. But this is not the case. This is what makes this new reveal mediocre. It could have been better, it could have been worse too.

Finally, not only are the new MacBooks expensive, but people over in Great Britain will have a shock. Apparently, the prices there are even higher because of the country’s recent departure from the European Union. Well, one might say that this is informally called “DIY”. Another might not agree. Either way, Apple has everyone talking again. And maybe this is exactly what they wanted to do.

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