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Google buys Eyefluence, the eye-tracking interface Startup

Reports are saying that Google has acquired Eyefluence on Monday. Eyefluence is an eye-tracking interface startup and they focus on developing eye-tracking technology. They made the announcement on the company’s blog. In the post, they thanked everyone involved, their partners and investors for being there in their journey towards greatness. The firm started business in 2013 and now it seems like Google though that they would make a good team.

Daydream View

But what does Google have in mind following this acquisition? One thing may be the awaited release of their Daydream View. This is a virtual reality headset which will become available in November. And as Eyefluence specializes in developing virtual reality apps, which focus on eye-tracking, they might be Google’s most valuable recent asset. If they want to be competitive in their developments, at least.


The Daydream View will only cost $79, which is considerably cheaper than the rest of the virtual reality devices out there. And if they manage to do it right, Google might be the one to bring virtual reality into mainstream, for everyone to use and enjoy.

Eye-tracking technology

The eye-tracking technology is extremely important for the virtual reality devices. Eyefluence is the only company which started developing a technology fully based on your eye movements. Therefore, in the future, users will do things like navigating a menu or selecting an option only by using their eyes. Also, while users will be wearing  headpieces or augmented reality glasses, they will be able to use their eyes instead of a mouse.

Eyefluence is not the only company to develop such technologies. Firms like Fove, SMI and Tobii have also done research and managed to find a way towards implementing this revolutionary technology into the virtual reality devices.

Not surprising

For everyone who has had any contact with Eyefluence’ s technology, their acquisition by Google does not come as a surprise. They have some of the best technologies right now. If Google wants to fully throw themselves into this area, Eyefluence are the ones to help, indeed. Eyefluence CEO Jim Marrgraff has an interesting opinion about the future man-computer interaction. Also, about how will it be developed in the following years. Man and computer will start working closely together in many areas and develop a relationship in the near future. It will be a collaboration of some sorts.

Gaming industry is changing

Finally, it must be said that details of the deal between Google and Eyefluence have not been disclosed, not has the acquisition price been revealed. In their posted statement, the company promised users all around the world that they will be working hard to further develop this futuristic technology. Furthermore, they want to make it fully usable by everyone and maybe, soon, it will become part of our everyday life. The gaming industry will change thanks to the eye-tracking technology. It will make gamers feel like they are for real part of the game they are playing. Let’s just hope that companies like Eyefluence, and now Google, will do a good job at it.

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