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Instagram to introduce Live Video Feature

Facebook introduced its live video feature earlier this year. And people loved it. Then Instagram introduced their Insta Stories, which does exactly what Snapchat has been doing. It lets you take short vides or quick photos. People loved that too. Now, its photo and video sharing platform, Instagram wants to also take this road. We are talking about the live feature.

The new feature

According to a report from a Russian news website, Instagram is already testing their live system. But only some privileged users in Russia can access it for now, from their Stories section of the Beta version. And only on Android, for now. The report is also saying that when a user is live, near their icon in the Stories panel, there will be a very boldly written “LIVE”. To go live, you will only need to access a red button which has “Go Insta!” written on it. Also, there seems to be a way for users to schedule live videos, but for now, this is only speculation. Nothing is certain. These facts have been proven by the website through some screenshots sent by users.


The LIVE craze

For all the other normal users of Instagram, the feature does not seem to work for the time being. When Instagram introduced their Stories feature, many people agreed that it pretty much copied Snapchat’s entire use. People were now able to film themselves or to take pictures and share them with their friends. After 24 hours, your entire story will disappear and will be lost forever. Seems familiar right? That is what everybody also thought. Instagram made a bold move and dared to incorporate a rival app’s best features and everything else it can do. In one word, after Instagram’s latest upgrade, Snapchat becomes disposable. Instagram did not comment on the news, so rumors and suppositions are still going strong.

How can you create a story on Instagram?

To upload a story, you just need to simply click on a plus icon on top left of the app’s screen. After you have taken your photo or short video, Instagram offers a variety of filters to apply on your stories. You can also write on them, either using the keyboard or your own fingers. Neon lights for writing are also available. Last week, the Stories have been updates and incorporated into their Explore tab. The purpose is to extend its reach, because many people access the Explore tab to see what’s new on Instagram.

When it come to their fan base, both Instagram and Snapchat are very closely tied. Both have around 100 million users. And they are practically dealing with the same area of entertainment. Pictures and videos shared with friends. And now, after Instagram’s introduction of Stories, they have become pretty much identical. Of course, Instagram does not have the dog or butterfly filter for your face, but you can still use it for the same thing.

But this kind of competition is not exactly beneficial. Sooner or later, one of them is going to go downhill. People will get bored because they both do the same thing. So it will be a race for survival. And the winner will have to be the visionary one.

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