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South Koreans sue Samsung over Note 7 Mess

Many South Korean customers are now demanding compensation for the inconveniences caused by the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones. On Monday, hundreds of them have reportedly filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics.


Over five hundred angry customers have filed a lawsuit and are demanding that each Note 7 buyer should be given 500,000 won (which is around $440) by Samsung. They are asking for this money as a compensation for their wasted time and effort with the exploding phones. There were many reports which said that numerous Note 7 phones were catching fire. On September 2, the company promised to recall and send new ones to the affected users. But it seemed like the replacement phones were also having trouble and were dangerous. Finally, Samsung decided to completely halt the Galaxy Note 7 production earlier this month. So less than two months after its release, the Note 7 smartphone died a horrible death.

Wasted time and wasted money

And it seems like now, all this mess comes back to bite them. A Seoul attorney said that the customers are planning to file a lawsuit each month from now on. Some of his clients reported time or money losses because of this situation. One of them said that he lost thousands of pictures from his family vacation. Other reportedly drove eight hours to return his Note 7 phone.

The attorney also said that his clients are not demanding huge amounts of money. They just want some sort of compensation for their losses, for the damage and for the wasted time. He himself explained that he needed to come back to a Samsung store three times. First time to get the phone’s battery checked. The second time to get his replacement phone and now, he need to go to the store again to get the refund and to return the replacement model. After 15 years of using only Samsung phones, he said that he now plans on buying an LG.

Samsung tries to ease the situation

But Samsung has tried to make things better for their customers. They have offered 30,000 won ($26) in coupons at their shopping mall for all the Note 7 users. Another angry customer reported that he spent too much money on the road for gas and tolls to return his Note 7. And this situation made him not want to use another Samsung device ever again.

This lawsuit comes right after in the United States, a Note 7-related class-action was filed. The American customers are citing unspecified damages and are requiring Samsung to either repair, recall or replace the phones.

All in all, this cannot be good for Samsung Electronics. Analysts have predicted this situation, in the sense that the company might lose its credibility and with it, its customers. What they must do now is to try and regain their trust, at any cost. Either offer a compensation, or new phones or anything else that might help them with the angry customers. It will not be beneficial for a company to be stiff and proud at such a moment. Especially for one like Samsung.

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