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Is the iPhone 7 really the fastest Phone in the World?

While we might hate to admit it, at the moment, there is no real competition on the market for Apple’s iPhone 7. And when we are saying hate, we mean the sad perspective of not having anything close to compare it with. Ok, there is Samsung but after the Note 7 scandal with the exploding phones, they are kind of left behind. There have been rumors about their new Galaxy S8 smartphone, but until that one comes out (or it is even announced), we are left to marvel at the iPhone 7.

Many have tried, none have succeeded

Many companies have tried to replicate the speed of the iPhone, but none have managed to. Of course, there are some Android phones who have amazing power or even better specifications. But here we are talking about the time of response of the phone. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are considered by the vast majority of people, the fastest phones on the market. As a proof, experts have compared it with the now defunct Note 7. The result was expected and… left no question behind. The iPhone is much quicker. And we must keep in mind that the Galaxy Note 7 phone was considered the most powerful Android phone ever made. Also, the new Google Pixel phone suffered the same treatment. With the same result.


Can the iPhone be beaten?

It is entirely possible. Especially after Huawei’s latest press conference held in Shanghai, China. During this press conference, the company revealed their new processor, a Kirin 960. According to them, this chipset contains the latest technology in existence. It will supposedly pack speed and efficiency and it will allow the user to execute any operation, according to his or her needs. And to prove it, Huawei showed a demonstration. They used a not-released-yet phone of their own and an Apple iPhone 7. The results were amazing and surprising. According to this demo, the phone with the new chip opened thirteen out of fourteen apps tested quicker than the iPhone 7.

So is this the end of the Apple domination? We highly doubt it. If Android phones can evolve, so can Apple. Who is to say that the iPhone 8 will not be even better? Nobody. But, for now, this is impressive news. However, people will not know if this new processor is indeed this quick until they will get their hands on a phone which will include it.

Android versus Apple

There is an entire discussion on this subject. And everybody has their own opinion. Can the Android phones be better than the iPhones? Certainly. Are they better now? No. We agree that the Android phones have more versatility in the sense that there are so many companies building them. You are not limited at just one company, which is Apple’s case.

Also, the prices for an Android are more compatible with the income of an ordinary human, who works every day, five days a week. They are more affordable. Then there’s the water resistance question. While Android has implemented it for years, Apple only now gifted their iPhone 7 with these features. So there are ups and downs. But, for now, when it comes to speed, nobody can beat the iPhone.

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