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Tesla Motors has announced fully self-driving Cars

On Wednesday, Tesla Motors made the announcement that their electric cars are going to have a special hardware. This hardware is the missing element to make the cars fully self-driving. Also, their vehicles are going to be the first in the country to have this system implemented.

Their Model S, X and upcoming Model 3 sedan are the vehicles in question. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, they are going to be the first to have this hardware fitted on them. The purpose is to finally be able to have and operate cars which can drive themselves. He also said that the safety degree of this new system will be greater than that of a human driver. If this is going to be proven true, then the future is indeed upon us all.


What it is all about

This hardware reportedly has a Level 5 autonomy. What this means is that the car in question does not need absolutely any help from the driver, or any human interaction whatsoever. Musk has said that what they are doing is any company’s wish. From Google to Volvo and Ford, what they want to have is a fully self-driving car. These companies have been promising for a long time that in five years, we will be able to drive such cars everywhere. And it seems that moment is approaching. And the revolution starts with Tesla Motors.

When will people be able to drive them?

Well, according to Elon Musk, until we get there, there are some regulatory problems to be solved first. So an exact date is unknown. He said that this fact does not depend on Tesla. The regulators are the ones who can decide if the system is safe or nor, and if it can be used or not. But he thinks that this is a good thing. In the meantime, the company can collect precious data and develop the technology even more. So when the time will be right, they will be able to prove to everyone that what they have done is indeed a fully operational thing.

An upgraded Tesla Autopilot

The current version of Tesla Autopilot, which is what their cars have on them at the moment, will be upgraded. More cameras and more sensors will be added to ensure that the vehicle senses the surrounding by itself. Musk proudly said that what they have done is entirely their work. From the first sensor to the last. A Tesla Vision software.

He also talked about the accidents which took place because of their Autopilot software. He blamed media for insisting so much on those. In his opinion, people should not be removed from this new technology because soon it will be everywhere. Just because some minor incidents happened, it does not mean that the system is flawed. He encouraged everyone to forget those little incidents and to remember the horrifying ones which are taking place everyday because of human errors. With their new system, the purpose is to eliminate those and to make all roads safer for everyone.

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