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Tesla Motors postponed their surprise Announcement until Wednesday

It looks like Tesla Motors’ big reveal will not be coming right now. But in a few days. On Sunday, Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said that the big announcement will be happening on Wednesday. Why? According to him, the project need a little bit more “refinement”.

What is this “project”?

Tesla Motors has not said a word about what this mysterious project is going to be. They just said that something is going to be revealed. But as mystery always sparks interest (and maybe this is exactly what they intended), people have begun speculating. Some are saying that the announcement might have something to do with Autopilot. Tesla’s driving feature can be activated to drive instead of you in certain situations. It is, as some would say, semi-autonomous. The problem is that this feature has been very criticized after its launch, last year.


The Autopilot, deemed misleading

Many accidents happened because of it. A man was even killed in a fatal crash last summer. Another driver from China suffered some injuries and scolded the company for describing the feature as “self-driving”. Which is, as it looks, not the case. Reportedly, some German officials have asked Tesla to not use this term anymore because it is very misleading and the cause of many accidents.

But according to Tesla, the feature is not entirely self-driving because sometimes the driver’s hands need to be placed on the steering wheel. If the system does not detect the hands, error can occur, which can lead to accidents. But this criticism from the German officials might be the reason for the delay. If the announcement has to do with the Autopilot, of course. And it is understandable. The timing would not be the best if you are going to present an update to your self-driving system which was harshly criticized just a few days ago.

A new car?

Some other people have been speculating that the announcement has to do with the unveiling of a new Model 3 sedan or a Model Y crossover. Even a Roadster 2.0 vehicle. Rumor has it that all of them are currently in the works.

But last month, when they made the announcement, Tesla Motors has said that the new product would be “unexpected” by many. So maybe a new car is not really the most unexpected thing. Some are saying that the project might not have anything to do with cars. Supposedly, the company wants to extend in other areas too. This rumor fits with their “unexpected” reveal. All in all, this is only speculation and this new unexpected project might be something totally different. But in two days, fans everywhere will finally find out what it is.

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors Company specializes in electric cars. It was co-founded in 2003 and has its base in Palo Alto, California. The current Chief Executive is Elon Musk. The company has its own stores all around the world, which are more than 200. 120 of them are not in the United States.

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