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Pokemon Go has a new Update which will not let Players catch Monsters while driving

Those players who are not really patient and who want to catch as many monsters as possible might be disappointed by the app’s new update. Pokemon Go now will limit the appearance of pokemons when you are behind the wheel. Many players have already noticed the change in the past few days. The game’s developer just added a new feature to stop people from paying attention to those virtual monster instead of the road.

A new patch

Niantic Games has recently released a new patch for their famous Pokemon Go game. The patch is supposed to fix some bugs that have been bothering players. It also added some game features. Among those, the limitation to not catch pokemons while driving. But how does this thing actually work? Well, let’s say that if a player exceeds a certain speed, the amount of pokemon creatures they encounter will be less. Also, the “Sightings” option of the game will automatically turn off when you are driving. This option is the one which allows a player to find and track a monster.


A bug or an intention?

This decision comes just after numerous incidents were reported, when people got injured while trying to catch monsters. But the only problem is that, right now, nobody is sure if this new feature is indeed an attempt from the developers, or just an unintentional bug. Because of recent event, it is entirely possible that this is actually a way to avoid those incidents from happening ever again. To promote safe gameplay of Pokemon Go.

A way out?

But some voices are saying that this feature is actually a silent way through which the developers are trying to escape any blame. We are talking about legal actions which might happen if someone gets injured while playing their game. After this update, nobody will be able to blame them for it. Still, this is a two bladed sword. A feature like this can also affect the players who are not actually driving themselves. Those players who are only travelling by bus or in the back seat will not be able to catch monsters from now on. This is also available for those players who are in an area with bad weather. If the app deems the conditions unsafe, pokemon creatures will no longer appear there.

Other updates include the possibility to have a six-team pokemon and updates in the Gym Battles, Egg and Incubator screens.

All in all, we will have to wait and see if this new update was intentionally done or a mistake. If it is a bug, it will most probably be fixed soon. But if not, it seems like the developers have indeed introduced a feature which will only benefit them. Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games ever. Released in July this year, it quickly started a worldwide trend. Kids discovered the story of the pokemon monsters. But older people were reminded of a trend which was until recently considered long gone.

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