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Some Samsung Galaxy S8 Details have surfaced and they are promising

Critics have said about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge that they are among the best smartphones of the year. Following this statement, the success of the two phones has been amazing. Unlike the doomed fate of their relative Note 7, these phones do not catch fire. They are safe and work brilliantly. But what is next for Samsung? Everybody agrees that they will have to really step up their game in order to make everyone forget the disaster that was Note 7. And what better way to begin than with the next flagship smartphone, Galaxy S8. According to some reports, the phone is going to be announced at the beginning of 2017.


Rumor has it that the new phone will bring some big changes to the game. Hardware wise, it will be something totally different. Also, a 4K display and the AI assistant called Viv will accompany the device. These details, along with a concept video which was released recently, might offer us a view on the next Samsung smartphone. It might not be entirely true (or even realistic for that matter) but it is without a doubt an interesting concept.


A concept video

The smartphone displayed in the video has no bezels at all. Its front it’s entirely made out of a QHD display. Now, while we agree that this is the definition of a futuristic phone, it might be very hard to maneuver. Imagine having to hold a bezel-free phone and trying hard not to touch its display. It is almost impossible!

Furthermore, the phone will supposedly have a fingerprint scanner and two camera sensors on its back. Below them, there is another LED flash along with a third sensor. People who analyzed the video think that the third sensor might be a heart rate one. Other than these details, the entire backside of the smartphone seems to be made out of glass. The video shows many color schemes for it, including Blue, Purple, Red and Yellow. Again, as a concept, this looks extremely interesting but there are serious doubts that that phone is really going to look like this.

AI assistant Viv

Another interesting detail which has surfaced (and which seems to be actually true) is that the new Galaxy S8 will come with Viv. Samsung has recently purchased it and it seems like they now want to make good use of it, as soon as possible. The man behind Viv actually helped with the creation of Siri (the iPhone assistant). Their new purpose is to design a better assistant than their competitor, Apple. And this idea might be the escape they needed from the Note 7 fiasco.

All in all, even if the new Samsung Galaxy S8 has yet to be announced, people have begun speculating and making assumptions. It might be because of the recent total recall of the Note 7 devices. People have begun wondering how Samsung will get out of this mess. And what better way to put pressure on the company, than to dissect their next phone which has not even been announced?

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