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Samsung has completely stopped production for Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has officially announced the end for the production of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones all around the world. Is seems like the controversy surrounding them has not diminished and now, the time has come for the company to admit their mistakes. They cited customer’s safety as the main reason for their action. This announcement comes just a day after the company said that they would recall all of the devices, including the replacement ones which were also catching fire.

The priority is customer’s safety

After at least five replacement Note 7 smartphones exploded, Samsung issued the recall announcement. They asked all the retail companies to stop selling the smartphone. US Consumer Product Safety Commission chairman Elliot Kaye explained that this is maybe the best decision for everyone involved. Also, it is the right move for the company to admit their mistake and stop more incidents from happening.


Shut down your phone

Every Galaxy Note 7 user is asked by Samsung to power down their devices. This includes the replacement ones. They are strongly advised to go and return them to wherever they were bought. Some retailers have announced that the replacement phones can be exchanged for another Samsung device or a device from any other manufacturer.

An initial success

When it was originally released in August, the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone had very good reviews. It was considered one of the best phones ever created and a worthy competitor for Apple’s iPhone. But within a month from its release, reports of the phones catching fire have emerged. And they began to multiply. At the beginning of September, Samsung announced that they would recall all the Note 7 phones and allow people to get replacement ones. But the problem got bigger when those also began exploding. So the problem was not fixed at all.

An expected move

Now that Samsung has announced that they would stop the production of the Note 7 model, it means that they can no longer deal with this issue. And somehow, many specialists expected this move to happen. But maybe not that soon. One thing is sure. Samsung along with every other manufacturer are going to try and explain what actually happened there. Some are saying that it was Samsung’s desire to do too much that caused their doom. They wanted to surpass the so-called “dull” iPhone 7.

Not the end

All in all, specialists do not think that this will be the end of Samsung. They still have many good devices and sales are very strong. But it will certainly take some time for them to recover after this mess. And maybe the most important loss will be the client’s trust. The shares of the company slimmed down 8 per cents only today. And analysts believe that this whole incident might end up costing Samsung around $17 billion. So this incident will shake the company. But let’s just hope it will not break them. Samsung is the only one right now that can compete with Apple. And what is the fun in running a marathon alone?

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