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Samsung stops Galaxy Note 7 production for the time being

In August, when the Samsung galaxy Note 7 smartphone was released, it was being described as one of the most intelligent smartphones ever created. Fast forward two months later. The phone which was supposed to close the race between Samsung and Apple seems to have transformed into a huge problem. And it does not seem to go away soon. More, it may soon swallow all the company’s success.

Production halted

Samsung has chosen to temporally stop the production of the Galaxy Note 7 model. This decision comes right after numerous devices had caught fire. And we are talking about those devices that were sent again to customers, after the famous initial recall from Samsung. Reports are showing that the company failed to fix the problem and the newly sent phones are still dangerous. After they allowed buyers to trade their Galaxy Note 7 for new phones, the problem seems to have reappeared. More, companies from the U.S and Australia have said that they will not offer customers Galaxy Note 7 phones because the problem is not fixed and they are still exploding.


In an official statement released on Monday, Samsung is saying that the production schedule for the Galaxy Note 7 model was adjusted. This has been reportedly done in order for them to ensure the safety and quality of their devices. An update on this matter is expected in about a month. This is a serious problem in Samsung’s way towards winning the war with Apple. And while Samsung is the biggest phone company in the world by market share, Apple sits comfortably atop the high end market, thanks to the iPhone.

A battery problem

When Samsung chose to recall the problematic phones last month, they cited a “battery issue”. More, they even said that they would no longer use batteries from a certain supplied, which they did not name. But the problem has not been solved and some people think that the problem might also be software or production related. Samsung is without a doubt South Korea’s biggest company. Now, it may all go to waste if they don’t fix it quickly. And it seems they are failing to.

Incidents involving the Galaxy Note 7

Last week, a flight in the U.S. had to be evacuated after a Samsung galaxy Note 7 phone began smoking inside the plane. Its owner later revealed that the phone was actually a replacement. So the problem is persisting. Samsung reportedly said that they are going to look into the incident and the reason behind the smoking phone.

Many American and Australian telecom companies are not selling the model anymore because of reports of fires. They have declared that the safety of their customers is the most important thing right now. The South Korean companies have not yet taken this decision but they have said that they will look into it if more such cases happen. All in all, Samsung does not seem to get away from this problem. On the contrary, they might have stepped into a swamp of misfortune.

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