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Prisma Photo App now works for Videos Too

Everybody knows Prisma. And if they don’t, they soon will. That very popular photo editing app which turns your ordinary daily photos into some amazing works. It uses a complicated system and now it supports 15-second videos on the iOS phones. The announcement was made by the team behind Prisma on Thursday.

The idea is that the app will now modify all those short clips and make them comic-book like animations. The processing time is not long, only 1 minute and it all happens in your smartphone, so you will not necessarily need internet connection to create those video clips. Also, you can choose from a variety of nine styles for your videos. And they are expected to grow in number after the release of this update. The styles have different names like Candy, Cold Fish, Paper Art, Illegal Beauty, Tokyo or Gothic. It looks like a well-thought process for sure. This tells us that the people behind the photo app really tried to make the best out of this upgrade. Impressive!


One of the most popular photo apps

When Prisma was launched, in June this year (so it is a relatively new app) it quickly became one of the most downloaded free apps on both Android and iOS devices. More than 10 million people downloaded it within the first month of its release. It was originally first available on iOS, and quickly after, for Android too.

One some the most interesting things about this app are its sophisticated algorithms and processing methods. It uses neutral network processing in order to edit and completely transform your photos. The people over at Prisma described their methods as being totally different from the usual photo filters. What the app does it’s create an entire new image only from the data it receives from your original one. This change was made possible because Prisma’s algorithms no longer work on their own servers, but locally.

Creating work of arts

But probably the appeal of the app comes from its ability to turn even the most usual and unprofessional photos into real work of arts. And now you can do that for your videos too. Prisma is so liked by the public that some people working in this field have said it is a serious contender for app of the year. Yes, Prisma is that good!

The Prisma headquarters are located in Moscow. The people behind this mazing app have said that this video support will become available for both Android and iOS users in just a few weeks. An interesting piece of news that the creators revealed is that the app is likely to also support GIFs in the future. They have not given an exact date, but it is in the works.

In conclusion, the Prisma photo editing app is a must have for all you photo lovers out there. We know that all those filters are cute and make your photos look amazing (if you know how to use them). But what Prisma does is entirely different. You should at least try it. You may want more of it.

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