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Gears of War 4. A fun experience both Family Friendly and Entertaining

More than ten years ago, when the first Gears of War game was announced, people have accused it of displaying too much gore and violence. Also, of excess of masculinity. While we agree that all of these observations are somehow right, this does not mean that Gears of War has not been an amazing game. And people seem to forget the family and friendly aspects of it. The game has always incorporated those theme into its story. Real fans of the game were always aware of those. Only people who did not know the game so well said that it incited to violence.

Five years later

Five years have passed since the release of the last Gears of War game. Back then, the series seemed to have found its end. But now, The Coalition developer need to somehow continue the tradition that has seen the light of day from the hands of another studio. And this is no easy thing. The new developers indeed tried to make a good game. And they succeeded in some aspects of the game.


Gears of War 4 seems like a game full of ideas but which did not have the time or experience (or both) to put them into practice. The feeling which resulted from this? An amazing reboot. Not necessarily a brand new game. But the game still competes with many other of its genre and it has its amazing moments.

The story

Story wise, the new game is a bit more concentrated than the others. It picks up after the events of the third game, after the threat of the Locust War has been annihilated. The game it’s still violent enough, action packed and fun. In some places, it can also give off a horror vibe. Which is great. Other than that, the story is pretty simple. It deals with family, friends and relationships. At one point it even feels real.

One very nice thing about the game is that it gives you time and space to just explore your surroundings. No fighting, nothing. It lets you know the world around you and it lets you accommodate with it. Gears of War 4 also throws in little hints to let you know when and where a fight is about to start. So you can prepare accordingly. Also, a nice touch.

All in all, the game is very nice to play. Even if not all its ideas are brilliant or well put together, it is still one of the best shooters of the year so far. You no longer have huge places or arenas where you need to fight, but instead you have smaller rooms. It is not bad, but it gives off a holding-back feel. There are also moments in the game which give you some ideas, only to progress in the game and to never find out what that particular scene meant.

To conclude, Gears of War 4 is a complete package, as much as it can be. Five years after its predecessor, it is only logical that the new developers would try something different with it. And they did. And did it well enough.

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