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Pebble 2: A must have Fitness Tracking Smartwatch

PebbleWe know that smartwatch nowadays cost a lot. And they also do a lot. But the question is, do we really need them to do so much? I mean, there are smartwatches out there who remind you to breath (I am being serious!). Their price? Over $300. If you have the money, go for it! But many of the normal people out there do not have this possibility. So, for them, there’s Pebble. And now, Pebble 2. A much simpler smartwatch which incorporates all the things a real smartwatch would need (not other dozens of features that you are never going to actually use).

The simplified best

And while Pebble 2 is a much simpler smartwatch, it actually has all the right features and options to make you feel like what you’re using is quality material. We agree that Apple and Samsung are trying to incorporate as many features as possible into their devices to make people buy them; but sometimes quantity does not mean quality. Or usability for that matter.


Pebble 2 is not that simple, don’t get us wrong. It has everything you need packed around your wrist. The Pebble 2 +Heart Rate is a nice addition and its fitness tracking options as useful as ever. Somewhere in 2012, the first Pebble smartwatch it shelves with a $150 price tag attached to it. And the price truly reflected its capability and technology level. It did some basic fitness tracking, showed notifications and had a simple LCD display. Black and white. Also, it did not support touch screen, so you had to actually press buttons in order to navigate through it. Oh, the memories!

What does Pebble 2 brings

One of the new things that Pebble 2 brings to its customers is the PPG sensor on its back. It may sound fancy but it’s actually the very same heart rate monitor that all smartwatches (and all the devices) use. The sensor utilizes a pair of LEDs to blast light into your skin. Then, depending on how the light is scattered, a camera shows you your heart rate (it depends on the blood flow in your veins).

If you have the Pebble app installed on your phone, it can keep a track of your heart rate at different moments during the day. Then, you can use the Pebble 2 smartwatch to measure those and depending on your activity level, it can conserve battery. Or not. But if you choose to activate the Workout mode on the smartwatch, the heart monitor will make constant readings of your heart rate.

Now, do you really need something like this? A device to measure your heart rate each second? Of course not. Ask your grandpa if he had something like this in the 40s. He’ll tell you he did not. Did this keep him from being active? Of course not! So here’s your answer.

But, as technology evolves, if you want to keep up, you might want to try this one. At only $130, the Pebble 2 is actually a bit cheaper than its predecessor. So if you are disappointed with it, there’s no big deal. At least you tried something new.

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