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WhatsApp now lets you Edit your Pictures, Emojis and Text included

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. And now, the company revealed that the popular messaging app will let users customize their photos. They can add emojis, doodles and text on their photos. Sound like Snapchat? Exactly!

A boost in popularity

The new update lets you edit both your new and old photos or video clips. So now, after you select an image or you take a new one, some new icons will appear at the top of the screen. Those are the novelty. They will let you customize your media. Apart from this, now you can also change the color and font of the text you would like to put on your photo.


But the camera update of WhatsApp goes even further. Now, it supports the flash of your front facing camera. So whenever you feel like taking a selfie and light does not help, you can activate the flash and that’s it! The perfect selfie even in the darkness!

Some touch gestures have been added in this new update. When you are taking a video, you can now zoom in and out by sliding your finger across the display. Also, you can double tap to switch between the two cameras. For now, all those features are only available for Android users. But the company says that iPhone users will get them too soon enough.

Photo editing is key

The photo customization mania seemed to have started with Snapchat and its filters (cute puppy anyone?), but now more and more apps are introducing filters. Therefore, many people are expecting to see those options in more apps. Companies felt this change and they started adding these kinds of features. Instagram, Tumblr, even Facebook expanded the personalization experience. So, WhatsApp could not remain behind those. It is after all the biggest messaging community out there, used by billions. Now it looks like they have not forgotten, they were just preparing something better.

We know that Snapchat is the master of sharing personalized photos and videos but outside U.S things are not so great for the app. And with this update, WhatsApp (and even Instagram with its Instagram Stories update) hopes to engage more and more people outside U.S. to start using the app’s new update.

Emulating a successful idea

Facebook has spent entire years trying to mimic Snapchat’s idea in many other apps. It did not work. Now, it seems to have found the key by incorporating these features in an already established app. Instagram’s Stories is considered plagiarism by many (and to be honest, it is, but it works great) and now rumor has it that Facebook is testing some similar updates for the Messenger App. One thing is sure. If Facebook manages to reach those people who are outside U.S where Snapchat has not reached its full potential, it could mean trouble for the ghost-logoed app. It may even prevent it from gaining a foreign audience. But for now, that more and more apps are taking this path, people have a large variety of apps to choose from. Choose the one that suits you better.

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