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LinkedIn is making serious Changes. Will this make it your new favorite Social Network?

LinkedInToday, LinkedIn revealed a complete makeover of their famous social platform. This is the first step on the path to becoming THE social platform. The changes include a complete redesign of the desktop, an expansion of the messaging feature and even a trending news feed. All of these changes come right after Microsoft has bought LinkedIn.

A change of direction?

LinkedIn really wants to make users believe that the platform is more than just a place to share your resume. They want to make you navigate their site the same way people are doing with Facebook or Twitter. To accomplish that, they are releasing the new interest feed. This allows you to see the trending news, the most important updates from users and even the users’ opinion. All in the form of articles which are nicely constructed.


What is interesting is the fact that, based on a special algorithm, the news feed will show you the topics of interest in correlation with your personal data. Things like your studies, your job, region, age or interests will make LinkedIn show you the right articles. Tomer Cohen, head of content, search and discovery products for LinkedIn says that they want their users to never miss anything important. If you work for a specific company or industry, you would want to get the most important news from that area of interest.

Popular but not really

Even if it has 450 million users, LinkedIn has not exactly been Facebook. It is not very easy for its users to talk with each other. Right now, LinkedIn’s chat is not in the best shape, full of pop-ups and other things. So the company is borrowing some features from the mobile app, making it easier to send messages to each other, no matter where you are (on the site and in the real world). Ryan Rolonsky, VP product for LinkedIn stated that since introducing their mobile messaging app, the percent of sent messages has grown with 240 per cent. From here, they are planning to take one step further and incorporate this feature into the social platform.

With the help of Microsoft, LinkedIn will also have a bot. A digital assistant that will suggest fitted links based on the person you are talking to or your activity. Also, this bot will help you out with meeting scheduling and will synchronize the data with your calendar. It will give you suggestions of meeting places or times based on your interests and location.

Another interesting fact is that LinkedIn is launching a learning platform. This will help you as individual or your company identify the appropriate sets of skills which are needed in order to progress in a certain domain. You can then learn those skills in a very efficient and personalized manner. Say, if you want to learn French and economy, you can actually learn French and economy. It’s that simple!

LinkedIn says that all of these new changes will be available to all the users soon.

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