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MacBook Pro 2016 may Come Out in October

MacBook ProAccording to some recent reports, Apple may release the new MacBook Pro 2016 on October 26. Even if some other sources do not have an exact date, it is indeed expected that Apple will unveil the new laptop by the end of 2016.

And if the release date is indeed this close, this is as good a time as any to put into discussion the new features and characteristics that the new MacBook Pro is going to have. Potential buyers should be aware if Apple will introduce something new or, on the contrary, keep the best parts as they were.


New characteristics

Supposedly, the new MacBook Pro will have Intel’s Kaby Lake processing chip. Some say that this is the actual cause of the delayed release date. But reports are saying that Apple might come back to AMD instead of the new 64-bit A10 Fusion chipset.

The A10 Fusion is known to be used for the iPhones (especially 7 and 7 Plus). The interesting fact is that the chipset might be powerful enough to also be put on the new MacBook Pro. The current MacBook Pro uses Intel Core i5s and i7s processors. So should this happen, it will be a great improvement nonetheless.

The future is here

As a new and improved wireless world is upon us, rumors have surfaced that Apple might get rid of the Audio Jack on their laptops too. If this is true, it would actually make a lot of sense. Apple will do this to support their new technology. A touch panel with Touch ID functionality to allow fingerprint login is also among these rumors. An even thinner frame is in discussion. There have not been rumors of Apple changing the colors of their laptops.

The new MacBook Pro might also come with an OLED organic light-emitting diode) display touch bar above the keyboard. If the rumors are true, the new laptop will also have a USB Type-C port and a Thunderbolt 3 port. A biometric Touch ID functionality is also part of the rumors, but nothing is yet confirmed, so for now, this is just speculation. It is better to not expect many things than to expect them and end up being disappointed.

The MacBook Pro is said to have 5K displays and a 5120 x 2880 pixels resolution.

The memory

People will reportedly be able to choose from two different models. One with 8GB of RAM (random access memory) and one with 16GB RAM. In addition, the new MacBook Pro will come with SSD (solid-state drive) that will be upgradable p to 1TB (1 terra byte).

For the moment, Apple hasn’t even announced that they are working on a new laptop. But rumors are all a bit too detailed to not be true. Those are simple speculations, and the final product might not even have anything in common with these rumors.

The specifications and release dates are intuitive, as some people have supposedly found out that Apple are indeed working (and almost completing) on a new MacBook Pro.

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