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Review: Apple Watch Series 2

Apple WatchIf you ever seen or even heard about one, you might know what it is: a fitness tracker. Even if Apple avoided to call it such, opting for the more versatile name of “smartwatch”. It is a smartwatch indeed, and now it has focus included. An Apple Watch.

The original Apple Watch

When the first Apple Watch came out in 2015, many people used it mainly for fitness-tracking and health activities. People seem to love the idea that you will become a better person if you just manage to keep track of your own personal data. There were other gadgets which helped with this, but the Apple Watch was something different.


Let’s remember the initial Watch: it had an elegant design, with a nice interface but with some pretty serious problems. It was slow and sometimes glitchy. But it seems that Apple has learned from its own mistakes and now it has come up with something even better and more suitable for many people.

The evolution of the Apple Watch

The new Watch is better for fitness oriented activities because of its increased water resistance and the addition of GPS. Don’t get us wrong! It does not try to be a replacement for a smartphone. It’s a nice addition to have, more like an intelligent accessory.

Do we use it as much as we use a smartphone? Of course not! But now it is much more useful for the things it was designed for.


It comes in three models: the Sport Model ($369), the stainless steel Model ($549) and the ceramic model ($1 249). They also plan on making a Nike-branded model. The components of the three models are exactly the same. The difference is made by the exterior ones.

The new Watch looks almost the same as the original one (the same way Apple has managed the iPhones). Of course there are some minor differences between the two watches. The display is much brighter in the new one and it is a little bit thicker.

Many possibilities

You can swim with your watch on. Even if you go 50m under the water, it will be absolutely intact. Another difference from the old one. The addition of the GPS is another very useful option. Now you can go wherever you want and run while keeping an eye on the watch’s GPS tracker. It can calculate distances and show you maps of the places you want to run in. There is a downside though: the battery lasts only 5 hours if you use the GPS.

But apart from these two new improvements, the other fitness related options are still the same as they were in the original watch. A very interesting thing is an app pre-installed into the watch which remind you to take a deep breath once in a while. All the date from the Apple Watch is synchronized with your personal iPhone, just like before.

All in all, this is still a smartwatch. A quicker one. Now, it feels like a better mix of fitness related options and smartphone-like properties. It can still be improved, but it has come a long way from the first one as it is already.

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