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Garmin Releases VIRB Ultra 30, the New 4K Action Camera

Garmin’s VIRB Ultra 30 is the new adventurous buddy that wants to join users in their journeys. Packing a number of features that gives it many advantages over competitors, the camera is now available on Garmin’s website.

Garmin Releases VIRB Ultra 30, the New 4K Action Camera
Garmin’s VIRB Ultra 30 will ease you of $499.99.

VIRB Ultra 30 Specs

Active individuals will love the ultra HD camera that provides spectacular footage. It’s compact, just as any action camera, waterproof up to 40 meters in its case, and super easy to use.

Both the touchscreen display and the microphone are functional while the waterproof case is on the camera.

Featuring a G-Metrix technology, it also has a built-in stabilization system to ensure crispness of footage. The 3-axis image stabilization is probably the camera’s biggest addition.

VIRB Ultra 30 can capture 4K/30fps video. The content can be live-streamed on YouTube at HD quality.

The new VIRB also has voice control capabilities. Thrill-seekers can start and stop recording by simply voice-commanding the camera to do so.

“Retell your story in greater detail than ever before with data from G-Metrix. Our VIRB action cameras feature GPS and built-in sensors that let you record performance data on your VIRB. Long after your memory of the moment fades, G-Metrix will let you relive it with every heart-pounding detail,” says Garmin.

With so much to offer, the new camera from Garmin may be a fearful contender for GoPro. Until we get to see the Hero 5, the Ultra 30 seems to be a great choice for active individuals.

There’s also the free VIRB app that enables users to share their videos in real-time on various social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, or Garmin Connect Share. Furthermore, the app makes smartphones or tablets act as remote controls for the action camera using Wi-Fi connectivity.

To edit the videos, Garmin also brings VIRB Edit to the mix. This desktop editing software can:

  • Build a compilation of the user’s favorite clips.
  • Automatically highlight the best moments from the footage.
  • Add data gauges or graphs.
  • Post video content on social websites.
  • Switch between angles or display picture-in-picture.

VIRB Ultra 30 is priced at $499.99 and can be purchased online on Garmin’s website. The waterproof case is included in the package. Additional accessories are also available for purchase.


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