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Google Cast Joins Chrome – New Built-in Function

Google Cast joins Chrome, according to a recent announcement. The company announced August 29 that it finally integrated Google Cast into its browser. This way, there’s not need to install a separate app or extension to stream content from a device to a television.

Google Cast Joins Chrome – New Built-in Function

“Two years ago we launched Google Cast, an extension for Chrome that allowed you to show content from your favorite websites on the best screen in your home — your TV — using Chromecast.  Whether watching your favorite show on Netflix, or sharing a photo slideshow at a family gathering, Google Cast makes it easy to extend the web to the big screen,” says Stephen Konig, Product Manager at Google.

Google Cast Joins Chrome, but what does it mean?

The news means that Google Cast-integrated websites will now be able to stream to a television. All it takes is a Google Cast device (the Chromecast HDMI streaming media player, for example) connected to the TV on the same network.

Users can now stream without the need to install or configure anything. Web sites with built-in Google Cast will have a Cast icon if users are on the same network as the streaming device. With just a couple of clicks, anyone can view content on their television or listen to their favorite music on their speakers.

If the website is not integrated with Google Cast, then it can still be viewed. All users need to do is select the “Cast…” option from their Chrome menu.

“And you can now cast to even more places — including sharing with participants on a video call in Google Hangouts and the Cast for Education app, which we announced recently.  Now you can share your presentation with your coworkers during a Hangout or to your peers in the classroom,” reads the blog post.

It is reported that users have cast from Chrome more than 38 million times in the past month alone. Over 50 million hours of content has been watched and listened to in July.

The built-in functionality is available to anyone using the latest version of Chrome. For more information on how to use Chrome Cast with Chrome, go to Google’s support page. Don’t forget to get the latest version of the browser from here.


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