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New Twitter Feature – Quality Filter

Twitter’s Quality Filter is the company’s later feature. The social networking service has announced the new tool on August 18. The new tool is said to increase the quality of Tweets users see. This was a long overdue filter to protect people from online harassment and unpleasant or unnecessary notifications.

New Twitter Feature – Quality Filter


In a recent blog post, Twitter has announced two new tools that will enable users to have more control over the received content: Notifications Settings and Quality Filter.

Many users have probably complained about the fact that they are receiving notifications from just about anyone. Starting August 18, thanks to the new rollout, everyone will be able to limit notifications. This way, users can choose to see notification only from people they are following on Twitter.

The Notification Settings can be switched on and off anytime. Another new addition is the easier access to notifications. They can now be viewed directly from the notification tab.

Back to the Quality Filter, this is a new option to the Notification Settings.

“Last year we began testing a quality filter setting and we’re now rolling out a feature for everyone. When turned on, the filter can improve the quality of Tweets you see by using a variety of signals, such as account origin and behavior”, says Emil Leong, Product Manager at Twitter.

Turning on the Quality Filter will filter out duplicated content and users won’t be able to see it from their notification or other parts of Twitter.  This only applies to lower-quality content. It will not filter information from people users are following or accounts that have been recently interacted with.

The new Quality Filter is believed to be a tool against abusive, harassing tweets. And while it can, indeed, filter hateful content that the recipient may not want to see, it can cause a problem. The filter will also hide Tweeter mentions that some users might want to see.

While the move is commendable, masking issues this way does not mean they will go away. It’s clear that the company is still trying to find the best solution to handle trolls that have been using the platform since its beginning.

Twitter has also published a second blog post on Thursday announcing it had suspended over 125,000 terrorism-related accounts over the past months.


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