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Apple Watch 2 Rumored Be Launched in September

Apple Watch 2 is rumored to be rolled out in September, along with the much-expected iPhone 7 Plus. It has been more than one year since the release of the first Apple Watch. The new smartwatch presumably won’t be gifted with the cellular connectivity that so many were expecting to see.

Apple Watch 2 Rumored Be Launched in September

According to a report by Bloomberg, the updated version of the Apple Watch will integrate GPS location tracking. Regarding the missing cellular connectivity, Apple officials have expressed concern that models equipped with this feature may not be ready for a recent future release.

The problem lies in the fact that current cellular chips chew off too much battery juice. This would reduce the smartwatch’s effectiveness and users might not be too pleased with the outcome. Apple has started looking into lower-power chips for a later generation of smartwatches.

Other rumors suggest that Apple Watch 2 could support Qi charging. This is a wireless charging that has become very popular with tech companies such as Samsung. Some say that the design won’t be tweaked too much. All that is changing is going under the “hood”.

A possible processor for the new Apple Watch might be the ARM Cortex A32. The processor can improve battery life and boost performance. According to other rumors, Apple is working alongside Samsung and LG to manufacture thinner OLED displays. This should make room for a larger battery for the second-gen Apple Watch.

A more futuristic rumor says that the smartwatch might be equipped with a front-facing camera for selfies. Apple Inc. has applied for a patent for a front-facing camera. Although some people believe that Apple will be adding a FaceTime video camera to the Watch 2, there’s no saying if the new selfie camera will support FaceTime.

As for the release date, it is highly expected that the new gadget will be out in September, at a press event. Even if it does not turn out to be true, we are still expecting the Apple Watch 2 sometime this year. The price is speculated to be higher than the former version of the Apple Watch, as it is an improved model. However, it should still be affordable, as we known that the tech giant tries to keep the cost of products as low as possible to boost sales.

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