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HP’s New Stream Notebooks – Affordable and Productive

HP’s Stream notebooks just got a new make-over and they look incredibly fine. Though in the low-cost family, the laptops offer high-quality productivity. The company just announced the new additions, that are thinner and lighter than the predecessors.

HP’s New Stream Notebooks – Affordable and Productive


The newest Steam notebooks fall into three categories: the 11-inch model, the 11-inch x360 model, and the 14-inch model.

The 11-inch laptop is only 18mm thin and weighs 2.75lbs. The 11-inch x360 laptop is only 19.8mm thin at its tiniest point and weighs 2.98lbs. The 14-inch laptop is even thinner, measuring 17.9mm but weighing a little more – 3.18lbs.

The notebooks feature bright, bold colors. Customers can choose from Aqua Blue, Violet Purple, Jet Black, or the more discreet Snowy White.

The new Steam product will also include a full complement of ports. Just like with their predecessors, customers can connect to the USB peripherals and to an external display. What’s new is an improved 2×2 WiFi antenna that ensures a more reliable connection.

The 11-inch Stream x360 has a responsive touchscreen that allows users to view movies or photos in vivid HD. The high definition touchscreen is only offered on this particular Steam model.

The battery life is also something worth bragging about, as HP says it can last up to 10.9 hours.

The new Steam laptops also received HP TrueVision webcams. The high definition webcams will capture details with bright clarity even when the brightness is low. As for the sound, the notebooks are equipped with DTS Studio Sound that should provide high-quality sound.

Steam laptops do not have a fan, which means that the typical noise we are often bothered by, will not exist with the new technology.  The notebooks should run quietly while still not overheating.

The best thing about the new notebooks is that they are so extremely cheap. The 11-inch Stream is priced at $199 and will start shipping starting August 24, the 14-inch Stream costs $219 and will be made available on September 7, and the Stream x360 can be purchased for $249 starting late September.

HP is also rolling out a Steam 11 Pro for education purposes only at the end of September in a few selected countries.

With such affordable prices and extremely pleasing aesthetics, the new Steam line will probably be a hit.


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