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Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal Available for Pre-Order

Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal, the slimmer Android Wear smartwatches, are now up for pre-orders. Fossil announced the new additions back in March but no details regarding the price or the release date were made available. The well-known retailer has just released new information, so get to take out your wallet. The wait is now over.

Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal Available for Pre-Order
Q Marshal (on the left) and Q Wander (on the right)

The two smartwatches feature a touchscreen display, leather accents, refined steel, all in a slimmer package than what users were used to. The cases now measure 44mm and 46mm, an improvement owed to the valuable customer feedback.


Both watches have always-on displays, unlike most smartwatches on the market. This way, users will have continuous access to indispensable information such as time, alerts, or calls.

The two watches also enable users to respond to messages. This is done by tapping the screen or by simply using voice commands. Additionally, the Google Now cards help customers track flights, commute info, and other timely reminders.

Q Wander was designed to be the most fashionable of the bunch and has a soft curving and sculpted wire lugs on its case. Meanwhile, Q Marshal has a rugged navy blue case. For those who want to personalize their product, Fossil offers many options such as dials or interchangeable straps, among other watch face designs. As for charging, the new slim charger featuring wireless technology is a far more superior alternative to the standard pins and connectors.

Users can even track their activity using their elegant smartwatches. The two can track movement such as walking, jogging, and running. The two carry Google Fit, MyFitness Pal, UA Record by Under Armour, and Jawbone UP.

Both Q Wander and Q Marshal are powered by Google’s smartwatch platform – Android Wear. This allows users to look for any information they need anytime they want to. The two are compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Fossil’s Q Wander and Q Marshal both go on sale on August 29. Those who can’t wait any longer can pre-order the smartwatches starting this Friday, August 12th. As for the price, both items will start at $295. Go to Fossil’s website and pre-order your watch. At the end of the month, the products will be available at various retailers.


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