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Microsoft’s Skype Announces New Bots

Skype announces new bots as a way to increase its user’s productivity. The instant messaging service first released Skype Bots in April. The intelligent software apps will simplify the way we get things done.

Since the first preview of the bots, Skype has had over 30,000 developers working on building bots on its platform. Thousands of developers are reportedly sharing their bots through joint links on their website.


Microsoft’s Skype Announces New Bots

Skype rolled out the new automated chat assistants on August 3rd. “We want bots to become the quickest way to handle simple tasks, like shopping or managing your calendar, and the most effortless way to complete complex tasks, such as booking a family vacation,” says Gurdeep Pall, Vice President at Skype.

The “intelligent conversations” with the bot will lead to the discovery of more information because as users continuously use the bots, the virtual assistants will get better at anticipating the needs of humans. The bots have been created by Microsoft and their partners, and they focus on travel and entertainment.

Skype announces new bots for each of their Skype clients on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or on the web. Here’s how they work. Users can communicate with their bot through a regular chat conversation. This means that clients can talk to their chat assistant as easily as they would with a friend or any other human. And just as a friend, the artificial intelligence service will help you with what you need. Users will be able to shop, manage their calendar, or book vacations in an effortless way.

The new bots include Hipmunk Bot, the group bot that helps multiple users collaborate on a task, the Skyscanner Bot that searches for flights either individually or part of a group, and the StubHub Bot that helps users search for concert tickets. The IFTT Bot is also a new addition that keeps individuals informed by sending automated messages from websites and apps that they love. It can be anything from weather information to social media notification. Lastly, we have Spock that lets users “learn the ways of Vulcan logic”.

To get the new, exciting features, you must download the latest Skype for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or the Web. More information on the new bots can be found on the Skype Bots feature page.


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