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Pokémon Go Gets Sued – No More Trespassing

Pokémon Go gets sued, just when you thought nothing could go wrong. For a few weeks now, the augmented reality game from Niantic is all we hear about. Players are blindly following their phones, and walking long distances to catch the Pokémon even at the most inappropriate times. The repercussion? A lawsuit.

Pokémon Go Gets Sued – No More Trespassing


A West Orange New Jersey homeowner has filed a request for a class-action lawsuit. The man targets Niantic, Inc., the game’s developer, and Nintendo Co., Ltd. The New Jerseyan is not happy with the fact that the game developers placed “Pokéstops” and Pokémon “gyms” on his private property without his consent. The homeowner also claims that the defendants are making a profit from having players invade a private property.

It’s all fun and games until the police shows up, it seems. Trespassing is a serious issue, but there’s nothing stopping the game fanatics from finding the Pokémon. The man recalls various strangers gathering around his home and looking at their phones. Furthermore, it is alleged that “at least five” people have knocked on his door to ask for permission to enter his backyard just to catch the Pokémon.

Nonetheless, the man blames the game developers for these issues and has filed the lawsuit against the two giant companies. The objective of the game makes it so that the players have to embark on scavenger hunts and find the virtual creatures in real life locations. This leaves room for unpleasant situations where one of the parties has to resort to actions such as this one where Pokémon Go gets sued.

Even though the players have indeed requested permission to enter the premises, thus following the developers’ recommendations, the lawsuit cites other cases. Despite sometimes following the rules, constant requests to enter homeowners’ properties are still considered an intrusion.

All around the world, developers have placed the so-called “Pokéstops” in public places such as museums, libraries, public art installations, monuments, and other. Players have been discovered chasing their Pokémon in cemeteries and even at the Holocaust Museum in D.C. This is where another big problem comes in.

What can be done to teach the gamers what are the limitations of playing the Pokémon Go? What are your thoughts on the issue?


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