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Instagram Will Feature a Hate Filter to Stop Harassment

Instagram is said to work on bringing a hate filter to stop harassment to the social networking platform. What it means is that soon enough, users can start filtering their comment stream and also be able to turn off comments on their posts. This tool should provide ways to stop cyber bullying.

Instagram Will Feature a Hate Filter to Stop Harassment


Online harassment is a recurring issue in our day and age. Anyone with access to the internet for longer than a week has undoubtedly personally experienced or seen how others get bullied over the web. Instagram should be a fun, friendly environment, but problems like these do arise as much as anyone tries to combat them.

Instagram already has general policies created to flag specific offensive words or phrases. However, the new feature will allow users to take matters into their own hands and control their account content as they wish.

The hate filter to stop harassment works in a simple way. Instagram account holders will be able to change their settings so that they can filter the comments they receive and, if they rather, completely turn off other’s ability to post comments on their account. This way, all users can individually set up their account in such a way that personally offensive content gets ignored.

The new feature is set to arrive on high-profile accounts first, but all users will see the changes in the upcoming months. High-volume accounts can bring the social networking service a great deal of valuable feedback in a shorter period of time. The post-by-post comment filter should roll out to all accounts soon enough.

According to the Pew Research Center, about 60 percent of internet users have seen someone being called offensive names. Other 53 percent of users have witnessed to efforts made by some individuals to embarrass someone else. Around 25 percent of web users have seen someone being physically threatened, and some 24 percent have seen someone continuously being harassed for a prolonged period of time. Furthermore, approximately 27 percent of internet users have personally been called offensive names, and 8 percent of them have been physically threatened or even stalked.

These worrying statistics call for more policies and efforts to put an end to online harassment. It is moves like Instagram’s and other networking websites that raise awareness of a serious issue that must be addressed further on.

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