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Apple Turns to Self-Driving Software – Electric Car on Hold

Apple is now working on developing a self-driving software, putting its Project Titan on hold for now. The company has hired ex-Blackberry’s system developer Dan Dodge to get projects back on track.

Apple Inc.’s new electric car project, dubbed Project Titan, is already in the spotlight. The project is one of the enterprises’ most exciting projects. The tech corporation is hoping to roll out its first car design in a few years, no later than 2020. However, Apple has shifted focus to another vital part of its goal – a self-driving system. Bloomberg indicates that Dodge had joined the enterprise just as it moved its target towards developing Project Titan’s operating system.

Apple Turns to Self-Driving Software – Electric Car on Hold
Apple might be delaying the launching of the “iCar” to 2021.

Project Titan was in a bit of rut, as key personnel has left the team, which ultimately led to technical delays. Apple decided to bring along Dan Dodge, a long-time expert in operating systems, to provide authority and direction to get the automotive project going full speed.

Dodge, the founder of QNX, was hired by Apple later this year. Up until now, QNX developed Blackberry’s operating system. This is a microkernel-based operating system that runs on a number of small tasks that are known as “servers”. When using QNX, developers can turn off any function they don’t need without having to change the OS but instead, have the “servers” not run.

Although Apple now shifted focus to the autonomous driving system, the plan on designing its first vehicle have not been abandoned. The corporation has hundreds of experts working on the design and should have the Titan launched in about four years.

For the moment, Apple is reportedly opening a research and development center in Ottawa, Canada, near QNX headquarters in the suburb of Kanata. This move is destined to provide the company with a stream of automotive software expertise. Apple has also recently hired two renowned Ford engineers with experience in building vehicles and opened a new office in Boston.

Although Project Titan is set to complete by 2020, some recent rumors report that Apple might be delaying the roll out by pushing the project to 2021. The company has yet to issue a statement regarding a new timeline for the project.

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