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Yahoo Messenger Is Back – Check It Out

Yahoo Messenger is back with a clean, fresh look for its desktop users. Yahoo announced the new release on July 27, months after Messenger was rolled out on the web, Android, and iOs. The software comes just in time to replace the legacy app that will be put to sleep on August 5.

Yahoo Messenger Is Back – Check It Out
The redesigned desktop application looks better than ever.

“Since we launched the new Yahoo Messenger at the end of last year, you’ve enjoyed an energized messaging experience built around groups. Our new platform provides you with a fast and easy way to send (and unsend) not only messages, but also photos and animated GIFs” said Senior Director Austin Shoemaker.


The new interface is cleaner, friendlier, and a lot more fun to use. People can easily share multiple photos by just dragging and dropping them all at one to save precious time. Yahoo also seems to have been inspired by Facebook.  Now, people using Messenger can “like” their friends posts just as they do on their News Feed. The company has also enabled users to reply with a GIF, which they can easily search for.

The new app also features desktop notifications. This way, no matter what you are working on, you can still get important messages from friends, family, and coworkers. Another useful update is the introduction of the “unsend” button. It so very often happens that we are too quick in sending a message and later regret the decision. Luckily, we now have a way to reverse the process. Thanks to the “unsend” feature, we can take back a text, photos, or GIFs.

Yahoo Messenger made its debut in the late 90s and soon became the most popular messaging app. Nowadays, with so many other social apps, it’s no wonder Yahoo is looking to spice things up and regain some of the lost popularity. Yahoo Messenger is back and ready for business!

Yahoo Messenger for desktop app is available for download on Windows and Mac. Those still using the legacy Messenger desktop app should update it by August 5, as it will be shut down and no longer function. Click here to download the desktop application for Windows or Mac and move forward with Yahoo Messenger.


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