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Apple Car Is More Than Just an Idea

Keep an eye out for an Apple car on the road, because we might just see one soon enough. Although it may come as a surprise, it looks as if Apple Inc. is more serious than even about entering the automotive industry. Rumors about the company developing an electric car have been passed on for months now. Well, it seems as if it’s not just hearsay after all.

Apple Car Is More Than Just an Idea
The Apple car might be rolled out as soon as 2019.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple has put an esteemed senior executive, named Bob Mansfield, in charge of overseeing the development process. Mansfield had planned to retire back in 2012 but was persuaded to stay within the company for about nine months until finally leaving the executive team. Now, the former vice president of technologies is back in business, and his plans are bigger than ever.

Mansfield is no stranger to putting things out there. The hardware executive has brought many Apple products to the market, such as the MacBook Air, the iPad tablet, or the iMac desktop computer. Now, Mansfield is also running this top secret project, the rumor mill has it.

Apple has yet to publicly confirm that it is in the process of developing an electric Apple car, but it is presumed that the number of experts working on the project is in the hundreds. It is believed this long-term project is a way to push up the sales. The company’s flagship, the iPhone, is experiencing a drop-off in sales and things are not looking so peachy.

And Apple knows just what’s trending. The internal combustion engine is old news already, as the focus now shifts towards the battery technology. Already experienced in developing high-tech products, Apple Inc. might just make a name for themselves as an automotive company as well.

It is also rumored that getting the whole process going is more complicated than expected. Apple employees and automobile industry specialists are clashing views on how to proceed. The former head of the car project, Steve Zadesky, has left the company earlier this year citing personal reasons.

As for the rollout, the project was initially targeted for 2019, but there might be a two-year delay in launching the product.

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