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Pokemon Go tips – How to Up Your Game

Looking for Pokemon Go tips? The app is the new, exciting thing in town. It is on everyone’s lips, and if you are not one of the players yourself, chances are more than 80 percent of your friends are already playing it. How about you get that app and start running around town catching the characters?

Pokemon Go is already a globally known game. The title has been launched in the United States, many countries across Europe, and it has recently been released in Canada too. If you are new to the game and want to catch up on the others, there are a few Pokemon Go tips you should care about if you want to reach the trainer level.

Pokemon Go Tips More PokeStops
Put on your running shoes and head into town to catch the characters.
  1. Go to crowded areas. The app uses Google Maps, and because of this, the playground is literally the real world. Searching for the characters in crowded places will help you level up faster, as opposed to going to rural areas. Points of interest, named PokeStops, help you acquire more Pokeballs, Potions, Incubators, and other useful items.
  2. Check in again at a PokeStop. Talking about points of interest, you can recheck into one of them after a short period and get the 100 XP.
  3. More action, more experience. You can level up faster by getting experience, which mostly translates into catching Pokemon, especially rare ones.
  4. Get your friends to join. To take advantage of PokeStops even better, have your friends come with you and have each one attach a lure at these points of interest so you can create a real network. There are vast chances of finding rare types of Pokemon if the area is packed with Pokemon Go players, some suggest. It is worth a try and be sure it will be way more fun to be accompanied by friends on your quest.
  5. Evolve a Pokemon. Consider spending candy to evolve low-level It can get you a 500 XP bonus that will help you reach the trainer level more quickly.

Crazy about the game as we are? What other Pokemon Go tips do you have under your belt? Care to share some of them with us? We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a comment below.


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