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Skype Gets Alpha Client for Linux

Skype gets Alpha Client for Linux, bring a new functionality level to Linux users. The app is currently under development but nonetheless, it is far more functional than the previous Linux version. The upgraded app provides new features that were previously not supported by the older Skype for Linux versions.

The new version is an Alpha Client for Linux using WebRTC, which ensures continuing support for Linux users for many years to come. Currently, the updated app is not a fully functioning client, but the company is hoping to share it with its customers as soon as possible with the help of their valuable insight.


Skype Gets Alpha Client for Linux

The new and improved Skype for Linux sports a new, user-friendly, more reliable and thus more responsive user interface. The UI is cleaner than the previous, cluttered one. Additionally, Skype has introduced new functions that will surely get Linux users excited.

The Alpha version allows people to send files and media through Skype, as well as provide a range of emoticons that were not previously available. Users can share videos and pictures with their conversation buddies without having to leave the app.

Additionally, Skype is also launching an Alpha build for web-based calls on Chromebooks and Chrome browsers for Linux.

Skype relies on community feedback as they develop this new Linux version of the app. Officials hope to see people “provide as much feedback as you can on Skype for Linux Alpha, so we can continue to improve call connections and reliability”. The company hopes that users will be eager to test the service and help Skype prioritize its features. Once getting to explore the new Skype for Linux features, feedback can be submitted to the Community web page.

Those interested in the new app can download the app here. Testers will notice that they can only call friends and family using the latest versions of Skype for Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. People still running the older versions of Skype for Linux won’t be able to receive or to make calls to their friends who have upgraded to the newest available version.

As Skype gets Alpha Client for Linux, what do you feel about the new functions? Have you already gotten started with the new Linux Alpha?


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