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Say Hello to Cozmo the Robot, Your New Friend

Cozmo the robot is an artificial intelligence (AI) robot that may become your next buddy. This impressive piece of technology features an emotional engine, which means that it can recognize faces and even gets to develop its own personality. Every action that it makes has tons of lines of code behind it.

Anki introduces the little robot as being your next “accomplice in a crazy amount of fun “. With a mind of its own, it is quite similar to the human-like robots you have seen in movies. But this little buddy is no toy. Cozmo the robot is the result of years of work by a vast group of developers dedicated to bringing robotics to the consumer market.

Say Hello to Cozmo the Robot, Your New Friend
The software powering this technology is provided by Anki as an open source app.

Cozmo is curious by nature; it explores the surroundings, plots and plans. He’s almost human, and he’s equally fun. The great thing about it? You can change some of its features, and grow even more fond of it.

Along with the tiny robot, we might start to see a boost in the field of robots made for the masses. Cozmo the robot’s developer, the consumer robotics startup Anki, hopes that users will join specialists in the process of upgrading the AI robot.

The software powering this technology is provided by Anki as an open source app. However, the software development kit launching together with the robot is not accessible to people without a strong IT background. But if you know how to code using the Python programming language, then you can alter Cozmo as you wish. The SDK will allow you to program the robot to perform whatever task you can think of by using lines of code.

The kit also lets users create their own emotional recognition protocol for the palm-sized robot. If you do not like the way it recognizes an emotion or want to upgrade its abilities, then you can do just that and nothing else. No need to delve into countless features just to change one individual aspect that is bothering you. Sounds interesting, right? Now you need to do is enroll in that IT class and learn the ins and outs of programming languages.

The beta version of the software development kit will be launched later this year, in October.

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