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Leave Your iPhone at Home When Going to Concerts

You might have to leave your iPhone at home when going to concerts. Apple is set on banning illegal video recordings and picture-taking at concerts and movie theaters. The company has recently patented a technology that can block both iPhone and iPad capabilities of recording videos or taking pictures in these settings.

This unexpected move will bring major disappointment to iOS users who are “guilty” of wanting to capture memorable events they take part in. One of the greatest thing about mobile phones is their ability to record videos and take photos thanks to the built-in camera. Why leave your iPhone at home when going to concerts? This saves us time, money, and space, which we would otherwise spend on external devices.

Leave Your iPhone at Home When Going to Concerts

It has become a habit for concert-goers to hold their smartphones up during live concerts and either record songs they enjoy, or simply taking pictures of their favorite artists. Apple is not pleased with this trend and is set to help organizers in this battle of stopping amateur videographers from recording during concerts. Are you ready to leave your iPhone at home when going to concerts?

The technology makes use of the invisible light emitters that are installed in the places where it is illegal to record videos. The emitter will generate infrared signals with enciphered data that will command the device to disable its recording features. The iPhone and the iPad will then decode the data and actually disable the recording temporary, for as long as the code demands.

The same technology will also trigger pop-ups when a person activates their smartphone’s camera in various places, not only concert spaces. You might have to keep your phone inside the pocket or the purse when going to a movie theater, a museum, or a trade show.

It is an innovative way to use this technology; we’ll give them that. But wouldn’t this have unwanted consequences? What’s to stop iOS users from switching to Android or stuffing a video camera up their pants to record concerts?  And people are quite resourceful creatures, and they will find a way to “beat the system”. Literally. Users can block the infrared sensor or reprogram their mobile phones, and then be able to use the camera to record or to capture live performance wherever they wish.

It seems that other companies are following Apple’s footsteps and working on their own similar technologies. But when and if these technologies are to be used, it is still unclear. You might not have to leave your iPhone at home when going to concerts after all.

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  1. It would be way smarter to put this technology in cars to stop morons from texting while driving.

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