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Harley-Davidson Plans on Selling Electric Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson plans on selling electric motorcycles as a way of bringing something new to the table. The iconic motorcycle manufacturer will have the new “babies” up and running by 2021 at the latest.

Harley-Davidson Inc.’s Senior Vice President, Sean Cummings, states that the company will have electric motorcycles on the road within five years. This has been a multi-year deliberation process. The manufacturer has been working on electric bikes for some time now. Two years ago, in 2014, Harley had revealed the LiveWire. The company had built a limited number of electric prototypes and even made them available for test rides. They did not, however, put them on sale. It was more like a first plunge into the world of EV motorcycles. The customer response was positive, and this now lead to more serious thought on developing these innovative bikes.

Harley-Davidson Plans on Selling Electric Motorcycles
Harley-Davidson LiveWire motorcycle

LiveWire electric bikes were quite impressive. They made around 74 horsepower and had a range of around 50 miles. They could go from 0 to 60 mph in just four seconds. And it’s not just the insides that count, as it is quite an “attractive” bike.

Following the debut of LiveWire electric motorcycle, it has been on touring the Earth to expand to new demographics.

Harley CEO Keith Wandell explained the new electric-craze: “(…) we respect everything that has made our company great over the last 111 years, but our job is to make sure that our company is going to continue to be great for the next 111 years.”

Harley-Davidson plans on selling electric motorcycles as a way to stay in the game, and what a fine move it is. Analysts too think that the motorcycle manufacturer’s success is dependent on the ability of always adapting to newer times. Electrification was the next obvious step.

Another reason for why Harley-Davidson plans on selling electric motorcycles could be to attract younger customers. It’s no secret that Harleys are usually ridden by older clients. Their classic look appeals more to middle-aged riders. But with the future electrical bikes, the company might just gain some youngsters to warm up Harley saddles.

Car manufacturers Porsche, Tesla, and Mercedes, are already expected to launch electric vehicles in the near future. By 2021, when Harley-Davidson Inc. rolls out its electrical motorcycles, the world will be more than ready to embrace this technology.


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