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Chromecast Outshines Apple TV, And Here’s Why

Chromecast outshines Apple TV, according to a report by HIS Inc., a market analytics firm. The company analyzed the sales of Chromecast and Apple TV, showing how Apple’s product is losing ground to Google.

According to sales reports, Google sold over 3.2 million units of its media streaming device in the first quarter of this year. How much did Apple manage to sell? The giant company is at a big loss, it seems. With only 1.7 units of Apple TV shipped, it falls way behind Google. Basically, Chromecast made an almost double sale while Apple TV is barely crawling to the finish line.


Chromecast Outshines Apple TV

Merrick Kingston of IHS Inc. believes the tendency will continue throughout the year. And why wouldn’t it? The reason for the staggering difference in sales could be put on account of Apple increasing the price of Apple TV 4th-gen from $99 to $149. Chromecast, however, has maintained the low price of $35 since its launch.

It’s true that Apple TV comes with goodies such as dedicated remote and gaming options but to no good. This media streaming device doesn’t seem to impress new customers. For the average user, a cheaper alternative with basic features does the job, and this is where Chromecast outshines Apple TV.

Google’s Chromecast also supports a wide variety of devices. Making no discrimination, as opposed to Apple TV, it supports iOS, Mac, Android and Windows. And it doesn’t just stream pictures and videos. Google’s media streaming tool also lets users mirror the device’s display to the screen.

Chromecast outshines Apple TV for the first time in many aspects. Which is quite surprising coming from a cheaper media streaming device. But it doesn’t fall back on reasons.

Chromecast has a multitude of apps that can be streamed on any screen with a dongle. Easy as pie. And it’s this simplicity that wins over Apple. Apple TV has a complete OS which might seem complicated to manage for some. Chromecast, however, does not have a specific OS, letting users manage apps on one device and stream it onto the screen more easily. Google Chromecast doesn’t even need a remote or a specialized UI, get your phone or tablet and you’re set.

IHS also stated that video-streaming service Netflix was on 339 million connected devices in the U.S. at the end of 2015. This means it takes the cake with 32 percent of all devices capable of video streaming.


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