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Facebook Activates “Safety Check” Post-Orlando Massacre

Facebook activates “Safety Check” post-Orlando massacre, being the first time when this service is available in the United States. At least 50 people died on Sunday at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, making it the deadliest mass-shooting in the history of the U.S.

The “Safety Check” feature by Facebook is a service activated during a natural or a man-made disaster. The aim of it is to provide information on whether people in that area are safe from harm. It was originally named “Disaster Message Board”, but quickly renamed to “Safety Check”. It was released October 2014, and in May 2015 the tool was first deployed after the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

Facebook Activates “Safety Check” Post-Orlando Massacre

On June 2, the social network company announced that it will start experimenting with community-generated “Safety Check”. This new improvement was part of a process to make the service easier and quicker to activate. As a result, trained teams around the globe can enable this feature at any time, without waiting for one of Facebook’s engineers to do so.

The tool is especially useful to families and friends of potential victims to find out if they are safe immediately after the disaster. It takes time for authorities to identify the names of everyone injured in either natural or man-made disasters, and the waiting can weigh heavily on loved ones.

“Following the community-generated Safety Check activation this morning in Orlando, we have now activated Facebook-initiated Safety Check for a mass shooting at a nightclub there. We hope the people in the area find the tool a helpful way to let their friends and family know they are okay,” a Facebook official said on Sunday.

In the case of the Orlando shooting, officials are still working on identifying all the victims of the gunman. They are also trying to investigate whether the man had ties to a large organization.

Facebook activates “Safety Check” post-Orlando massacre becoming a useful service to anyone unfortunate enough to have been there. Furthermore, friends and family of the victims can get valuable information about the victims and offer help in more ways:

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