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Facebook Rolls Out Video Commenting

Facebook rolls out Video commenting, placing itself in the spotlight yet once more. It looks like the guys and gals at Facebook are the most hard working people in social media. We’ve only just written about the newly available 360-degree photo posts, and now we’re back with more news.

This new feature is the work of Facebook Project Manager, Bob Baldwin. On June 8, Baldwin marked his 7th year at the social media company. Instead of waiting to receive gifts, Baldwin figured it would be best to celebrate his “Faceversary” by giving Facebook users yet one more feature.

"Facebook Rolls Out Video Commenting"

The PM prototyped the new innovation at Facebook’s 50th Hackathon. Baldwin and his team coded all day long, and by the evening, the “puzzle” was pretty much completed. Around midnight, Video commenting on Facebook posts was almost working on all devices. But it took a couple of months for developers to put the last touches on the new feature that was considered no more than a side project.

Getting Video commenting out there was a collective effort. Some engineers built Multimedia Posts while others contributed to other new features such as Live Video. The Project Manager had also lead past projects that provided us with Photos and Stickers in comments. All this paved the way to the much-expected Video commenting.

Baldwin states that he wanted people to engage more in online conversations. And while you could do that with a series of multimedia features such as Links, Stickers, Emoji, and Photos, Video commenting was not available.

Well, guess what. Starting June 9, all Facebook users can upload videos as replies to posts. We’re talking friends, family, pages, groups, events; you name it. The new feature is supported on desktops and mobile devices, so you’re pretty much set.

Facebook rolls out Video commenting and here’s how you use it:

  1. First, an advice. Video commenting can be time-consuming as well as increase data usage. And you might want to consider the privacy aspect as well. Use it wisely.
  2. Go to the post you want to comment on. Click on the camera icon. You know, the one you used for sharing photos to posts. You’ll see you now have the option of uploading a video as well.
  3. Hit post (we know, d’oh) and keep Likes goin’.


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