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PS4 has an advantage over Xbox One in Black Friday sales

The core day of the 2013’s holiday season is near and Sony’s PlayStation 4 seems to be in the wish list of more consumers than that of Microsoft’s Xbox One, according to the survey conducted by Nielsen.

Sony PlayStation 4 to oversell over Microsoft's Xbox One in 2013 shopping season
Sony PlayStation 4 to oversell over Microsoft’s Xbox One in 2013 shopping season

Although Microsoft announced of 1 million day-one consoles sales worldwide, Sony has achieved the same in only 2 countries – U.S. and Canada. But both the consoles had the similarity in Day One patch as well as Day One defects.

By surveying 1,200 male and female active gamers aged between 7 to 54, it revealed that 30 percent (3 out of 10) active gamers planned to buy PS4, where 22 percent are purchasing the Xbox One and 1 out of 10 planned to buy the Nintendo Wii U.

The survey result is somewhat similar to the survey conducted by Park Associates, which revealed on November 19th that 36% of consumers want to buy PS4, where 27% are aimed for Xbox One. In its survey of 2,500 users of broadband households the Wii U buyers were in 3rd place and OUYA, cheapest Android gaming console was in 4th place.

Nielsen’s survey also found that Call of Duty: Ghosts are in more wish lists than any other games – both in PS4 and Xbox One. Although the same game title is in the top wish list of Wii U console, Super Mario 3D World is in the top of Wii U’s most wished game this season. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag found in the wish list of all the three consoles. Latest Madden NFL also made into the top 10 most wanted game on PS4 and Xbox One too.

Moreover, Sony PlayStation 4 also got a 54 percent of product commitment score, while Xbox One has got 48 percent based on the online communication about the video-game consoles, according to the similar survey by SDL. Which of these gaming consoles are in your wish list for the Black Friday Deal?

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