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How to Run Android on iOS with a Phone Case

Have you heard? You can run Android on iOS. We know, it seems impossible, but not for developer Nick Lee. Using a 3D-printed case for an iPhone, he managed to make the combination actually work.

"Run Android on iOS"
This project has no real benefit, but it’s a cool thing to construct if you want to brag about it.

Lee, from the development studio Tendigi, named the primary inspiration to be “the intense feelings Android and iOS users have about each other”. Why not run Android on iOS just for funsies, right? The developer took advantage of Google’s Android Open Source Project, which is maintained by the Open Handset Alliance. The developer chose the HiKey board by Lenovator. That gave Lee the freedom to clone the mobile operating system and built his own.


The innovative developer was able to make his own custom version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. It made it run on a Lemaker HiKey combined with a 3D iPhone case. Lee purchased a 3D printer and printed the 3D case at home in a few hours. He used an iPhone 6 case template from Thingverse as a base for the design.

Additionally, the case contains a battery, a resistor, and a boost converter. Lee’s invention also incorporates USB and HDMI ports openings, as well as an SD card slot. These are not yet present in the iPhone.

When choosing the software, Lee looked for the following requirements: horsepower, compatibility (meaning the latest version of Android), size (the board had to be thin), and connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB 2.0 were a must). These features might come in handy if you’re feeling particularly creative one day.

What Nick did was, basically, make a case that functions as an entirely separate Android device that only uses the iPhone as a screen and control device. This project has no real benefit, but it’s a cool thing to construct if you want to brag to your friends. Now that we’ve seen this happened, who knows what’s next.

Nick Lee has already made Windows 95 run on Apple Watch. Indeed, it takes about an hour to get Windows to boot on the device, but the operating system was fully functional afterwards.

Check out studio Tendigi’s blog to see how the software developer managed to make Android run on iPhone.

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