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Marshmallow Hits 10 Percent on Android

Marshmallow hits 10 percent on Android, according to Google’s early June stats. This is quite a big accomplishment, given that in March it was on only 2.3 percent of Android devices. This huge jump of over 7.7 percent should make you want to upgrade to Marshmallow too. We’ll go through some of its great features later.

"Marshmallow Hits 10 Percent on Android"
Many smartphone manufacturers are now delivering their products with Marshmallow.

But first, how come Marshmallow hits 10 percent on Android, when just a couple of months ago it wasn’t that popular? Some might say people are replacing their old devices with new ones with Marshmallow already on them. Others say people are upgrading from Lollipop, Jelly Bean, and KitKat. But it might also be that Marshmallow is the best option for Android users.

Many smartphone manufacturers are now delivering their products with Marshmallow. To name a few, think of Galaxy S7, HTC 10, new Sony Xperias, and LG G5. This means that Marshmallow could possibly win over its competitors in the following months.

If we are to look at some figures, it’s easily understandable why another big jump might put Marshmallow as the first choice for Android users. Lollipop is currently the most popular, with 35.5 percent share, closely followed by KitKat with 31.6 percent share. Jelly Bean comes fourth, with 18.9 percent share, making it vulnerable in the face of Marshmallow, which comes fifth with 10.1 percent share.

As Marshmallow hits 10 percent on Android, you might begin to wonder why upgrade to it. Here are a few features you that might capture your attention:

  • Adoptable storage – turns your removable SD into a permanent part of your device
  • Android Pay – you can pay for goods quickly and securely
  • System UI Tuner – choose only the info you want to see on the display
  • Custom Google tabs
  • USB Type-C – assures super-fast connection and faster charging
  • Google Now on Tap – a better digital assistant
  • Improved Copy and Pasting – you can now hover above the selected text
  • Clear permission system
  • Easier-to-manage storage – it shows how much storage space you’ve used and how
  • Doze – which translates into improved battery life
  • Fingerprint scanners – assures an easier authentication
  • Personalized lockscreen – you can personalize your screen with texts
  • App drawer – new layout for app drawer which simplifies the process of finding an app


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