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Android Microsoft Band 2 now supports Cortana

Android Microsoft Band 2 now supports Cortana, bringing new treats to Android phone users. Be quick to take a look at the latest update for Microsoft Health. The most recent version of the app now comes with Cortana for Android allowing users to access the personal assistant straight from their wrist.

"Android Microsoft Band 2 now supports Cortana"
Get your updated Microsoft Health with Cortana app at Android’s Google Play.

After you update your Health app, you can use voice commands on your Band’s mic. With the new help from Cortana, you can get notifications for events, voice-active info, and communications, all without taking your phone out of the pocket. However, this feature is limited for the US. If you’re not a US inhabitant with Cortana installed on your Android smartphone, we’re afraid you’re going to miss out on the fun.


The update not only lets users make voice commands on their Android device but also fixed some bugs.

Another great feature brought to the update is the Heart Rate counter, a zoned heart rate tracking. It will alter its colors automatically based on the level reached by the Microsoft Band 2 user.

Lastly, another treat would be the possibility of generating challenges for friends. Users get to create challenges for many activities, such as runs, bike rides, daily steps, cardio score.

What is Cortana?

The development of Cortana began in 2009 when Microsoft first planned the features of the digital personal assistant. The team behind the technology actually interviewed human personal assistants to get vital information for the making of the perfect digital assistant. For example, Cortana’s “notebook” feature was inspired by the interviews.

Cortana was released in 2014 as a key feature of the new operating systems for Windows Phone and Windows. In 2015, the digital personal assistant was announced as being available for Windows 10 desktops and mobile devices, as well as Android.

Fast forward to today, when Android Microsoft Band 2 now supports Cortana. This means that lazy users can ask Cortana to open messages, do quick searches, check the weather, set appointments and reminders, and much more. Of course, you can do this yourself, but why bother when you can voice-command your own digital personal assistant.

Get your updated Microsoft Health with Cortana app at Android’s Google Play.


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