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Could We Be Snapchatting in 3D Soon?

Could we be Snapchatting in 3D soon? Rumors have it that Snapchat has secretly acquired Seene. Some might not be familiar with the name, but that may soon change. Seene (Obvious Engineering) is a tech start-up that helps turn regular photos into 3D images.

"Snapchattig in 3D "
Snapchat Inc., the image messaging company, had reportedly bought Seene a couple of months ago.

Neither one of the two companies has released official statements about the acquisition. The financial terms and conditions of the purchase have also not been revealed. Obvious Engineering, the company behind Seene, is currently operating out of San Francisco and London. Some of its team is expected to relocate to Los Angeles, Snapchat Inc.’s base.

Snapchat Inc., the image messaging company, had reportedly bought Seene a couple of months ago. This can only mean that we’ll start Snapchatting in 3D anytime now. This would be Snapchat’s sixth acquisition so far. The company has also recently purchased Bitstrips and Looksery. And they didn’t stop here. Snapchat steps up its game and continually seeks new ways to move higher up in the social media apps top. And considering the fact that it recently surpassed Twitter in popularity, it’s clear Snapchat’s strategies are working out perfectly.

Here’s how Seene works. This technology reconstructs 3D geometry directly on your phone. It doesn’t need infrared sensors, multiple cameras, or cloud backend, to do the job.

To capture your 3D image, you have to shoot the subject as you would normally, then turn your camera to capture its sides, top, and bottom as well. The app will take over from here. Seene processes your images and maps onto a simple object. The unique thing about it is that because the pictures are mapped into a 3D model of the subject, it gives you the feeling of being able to switch perspective even after taking the photos.

When Snapchatting in 3D, we’ll be able to scan our faces and create a 3D selfie in seconds. And just as easily you can send the most realistic image of you to your family and friends.

Snapchat might be exploring the virtual reality (VR) space as well. Back in 2014, the social media company has bought Vengeance Labs, a tech start-up that had developed an augmenter reality (AR) headset.


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