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Sony’s E3 Press Conference Will Be Live in Latin American Cinemas

alt=A general view of the atmosphere at the Xbox 360 E3 media briefing Monday June 4, 2012 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Todd Williamson/Invision for Xbox)

PlayStation fans, rejoice! According to Michael Steranka, the Brand Activations Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment America, you will be able to watch the E3 live in some 85 cinemas in the United States, Canada and – starting this year – Latin America.


The event is scheduled to take place at Los Angeles convention center, but Sony gamers are spread all across the globe, not only on the American continent. And since not everyone can afford a trip to LA (plus the tickets and accommodation), most fans usually have to wait a couple days to watch the event.

But things are changing this year, especially for the gaming community in Latin America. “In 2014, we had this crazy idea to partner with Fathom Events and broadcast our E3 Press Conference LIVE to some theaters North America, not knowing if this was something people would even be interested in attending,” Steranka wrote on Sony’s official blog.

Fast-forward two years and now, seating capacity has more than doubled to accommodate everybody that would like to attend. And Steranka realized he was being silly doubting that fans would like to watch the event.

With more than 100 million registered users – and at least 65 million of them active each month – PlayStation Network is one of the most popular services in the current gaming industry. Every proud owner of a PlayStation can play online, make purchases and debate gaming things, such as tactics, mods, and complaints.

According to the count of the last survey, carried out in April 2016, there would be a lot of fans wanting to enter Los Angeles convention center at the same time. Unfortunately, that’s not only unfeasible but also impossible for a lot of those gamers.

A big hunk of the 100 million fans live overseas, and paying for an airplane ticket and a hotel room is not an option for many. But going to their local cinema is a completely different story, though.

That’s how the E3 experience first came live to dozens of cinemas; it allows people in certain locations across the Americas and Canada to see the event live in a movie theater on a large screen and with excellent audio.

Tickets will be free and are available at the official E3 Experience website starting today, May 31, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time.
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