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Wearable Hairpeice ‘Smartwig’ gets patented by Sony

With Sony’s increasing focus on the wearable device market after the launch of Smartwatch 2 this year, the company has filed a patent for ‘Smartwig’ – a bit interesting wearable computing device similar to Motif’s smartcoat.



Kotaku mentioned in its US patent filing report that the usage of wig has several advantages compared to wearable computing devices and also provided increased user comfort and handling of the wearable device. The device also includes hidden input sensors to process data, to provide tactile feedback and wireless communication.

In a Bloomberg report Sony had said that the wig could be made from “horse hair, human hair, wool, feathers, yak hair, buffalo hair or any kind of synthetic material”. Though the application has been developed and research is in progress, it has not yet been decided whether to commercialize the technology, a spokesman added.

The ‘Smartwig’ has three prototypes namely Presentation Wig, Navigation Wig and Sensing Wig. Presentation Wig uses a laser pointer to control PowerPoint slides bu turning left or right mostly located on sideburns. Navigation Wig features GPS and vibration for navigation of the user. Sensing Wig can monitor user’s health by collecting blood and temperature pressure.

“During a presentation the user may, for example move forward or backward through presentation slides by simply pushing through the sideburns. Thus, the user can control presentation slides by  natural behavior like touching sideburns.”

Though the patent is a prototype  it has been mentioned that “the proposed wearable computing device has been demonstrated several times in internal meetings.”


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