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Backpack PCs Could Become a Trend in Experiencing Virtual Reality

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One of the stranger effects of the expanding business of virtual reality is that chiropractors will become rich. If this trend of carrying your PC on your back catches on, the health professionals that deal with the manual adjustment of the spine will have their work cut out for them.

As VR rises to popularity, tech companies are looking for ways to keep the user mobile as he is immersed into virtual experiences – whether they are games, movies, or various communication tools. So we may soon be strapping a computer to our backs to explore virtual realms.

This past week, a duo of manufacturers revealed a product that could address one of the major problems posed by virtual reality: backpack PCs. These are supposed to help users be connected to the massive graphics power required for VR while also keeping them mobile enough to walk, punch, or interact with the virtual scenario they experience.

Lesser-known vendors have tried to develop the concept before, but now that more famous companies are giving it more spotlight, the backpack PC could really take off.

At this week’s Computex trade show, which takes place in Taipei, Taiwan, MSI will unveil its titled Backpack PC. The device stuffs high-end components into a unit – and if that sounds vague, it’s because the company has yet to reveal details on specific components.

MSI says the backpack will include an Intel Core i7 processor and a Nvidia GTX 980 graphics card. Perhaps at the trade show MSI will answer questions regarding the Backpack PC’s weight and how it plans to keep the components cool enough.

The price is another unknown detail, but this will only be revealed if the product actually becomes available. At the same time, the Omen X VR PC Pack – HP’s backpack – is also grabbing more attention.

While the computing giant has released pictures of the Omen, we are still waiting to find out its specifics; what HP has already mentioned is that the Omen pack will be compatible with the HTC Vive headset.

While the backpack PC doesn’t sound like the most comfortable solution to VR computing, it would solve – at least temporarily – the problems of limited range and tangles of cables.
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  1. Another big problem with these VR headsets is the control scheme:

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